In 2017, German Founders Bast & Steffi had the idea to create a personalized, well-made balance board as a Christmas present for their three kids. Shortly afterwards, neighbors, school friends and family friends all asked about acquiring their own hand made balance board. After a year of researching and optimizing board types, Seesawbridge was founded. For the first couple of years, Steffi and Basti cut, formed, sanded and lacquered the boards all by themselves. Given that the success of Seesawbride was unstoppable and both children and parents recognized its special design and beautifully detailed craftsmanship, the founders couldn’t keep up with their production anymore. In the summer of 2020, they brought in a wonderful partner to help them grow to the next level: A nearby workshop employing people with disabilities. This truly special collaboration makes Seesawbridge not only the best-designed balance board, but also the one with the most fantastic background story!  


    Kids love the wide range of soft colors and the beautiful strings that compliment the special tones, and adults appreciate the sophisticated aesthetic that compliments any home. Although designed to encourage movement and to improve balance, Seesawbridge is so much more: a bridge, a slide, a seesaw, a chair, a footrest etc. The sky’s the limit!  

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    4 products

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