18 Spools
18 Spools

18 Spools

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Spools comprise 3 different types of wooden spools in the colours of the rainbow. The design allows for the spools to be piled up, made to spin, etc. Additionally, they can be used to develop the children’s logical skills by classifying, grouping and matching elements though colours and shapes.

Children are encouraged into deep play through the simple design and unstructured nature of the set. They will explore colour, shape, design, size - working small motor skills and firing their imaginations as they go.

The materials themselves have purpose - wood is natural and warm. In the hand the soft forms inspire and the textures soothe.


Age: 18+ months.
Hand-crafted in Spain.
Wood from sustainable forests.
Non-toxic water-based colour stain.
No plastic packaging.
Cloth bag included.
Set comprises 18 spools each 45mm in height.
3 different types of spool.


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