Magnetic Book - Animals A to Z
Magnetic Book - Animals A to Z

Magnetic Book - Animals A to Z

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How to play

Tile game, open as a facing page scene, attach a 32pcs tile block, let the baby stick on the appropriate position of the scene.
The theme of numbers, the tiles are 1-12 numbers and different amounts of food, allowing children to learn numbers and counting.
The scene contains a clock pattern. Attaches the tile block of the hour and minute hands. Synchronization can learn the clock concept.


Age: 2+ years
Dimensions: 28 x 12 cm + header 5cm
Details: 1 magnetic game board + 32 magnetic pieces + clock pattern.

An abundant number of tiles, large size, make it easier for babies to stick.
Learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
Learn numbers and counting concepts.
Learning clock concept.
The concept of learning week on the back.

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