DIY - Little Secrets
DIY - Little Secrets
DIY - Little Secrets
DIY - Little Secrets

DIY - Little Secrets

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Djeco's Do It Yourself activity sets comprise a wonderfully diverse range of art activities that are mess-free, super easy to do, and promises instant works of art! Each creative process is thoughtfully designed to produce lasting and functional pieces that can actually be used in your day-to-day; and is everything you need to ignite sparks of inspiration to get more DIY project ideas flowing!

An elegant box to decorate using stick on sparkly mosaic and gem stickers.
Decorate the beautifully illustrated small box with the provided self-adhesive mosaics to create a small and special treasured box.
The mosaics provide a sparkly and magical touch to the small box.
Great for play dates, school holiday activities, birthday parties or crafting days.
Do it Yourself is a range of fun and creative activities designed to develop patience, creativity and dexterity.
Contains 1 box to decorate, 3 sheets of self-adhesive mosaics, 1 sheet of gemstone stickers and instruction booklet.

Suitable From   5+ years
Dimensions   Completed Box 16 x 12 x 4.5cm

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