Djeco DIY -  Poetic Garden
Djeco DIY -  Poetic Garden
Djeco DIY -  Poetic Garden

Djeco DIY - Poetic Garden

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Djeco's Do It Yourself activity sets comprise a wonderfully diverse range of art activities that are mess-free, super easy to do, and promises instant works of art! Each creative process is thoughtfully designed to produce lasting and functional pieces that can actually be used in your day-to-day; and is everything you need to ignite sparks of inspiration to get more DIY project ideas flowing!

Embroider this notebook and exercise book with a sweet cat and butterfly with this excellent Djeco Do It Yourself kit!

Develops :
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Fine motor control and manipulation
  • Attention to detail
  • Patience and focus
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive learning
  • Resourcefulness and imaginative thinking
  • Confidence and self-esteem
Product details :
  • 1 medium-sized notebook
  • 1 small-sized notebook, thread in 3 colours
  • 1 needle and 2 needle threaders
  • 1 pair of embroidery scissors and set of instructions

Age recommendation : 8 - 14 years

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