oekoNORM Drawing Chalk "Ecofee" - Golden Glitter (7 colors)

oekoNORM Drawing Chalk "Ecofee" - Golden Glitter (7 colors)

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A mix of natural plaster and chalk stained with pigments.

For drawing on stone, concrete, asphalt and many other surfaces. Almost dust-free. Protective cover keeps the fingers clean. Comfortable cylindrical shape for easy and joyful drawing.

Product details :
  • Pack of 7 
  • colours: White, Yellow, Peach, Pink, Blue, Green, Rose with Gold Glitter
  • Made with gluten-free chalk, 100% Eco-Friendly
  • All products are high quality, enviromentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Mix of natural chalk, lime and gypsum, dyed with pigments. Polyester glitter

Age recommendation : 3+ years

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