Grapat 12 Bowls
Grapat 12 Bowls
Grapat 12 Bowls
Grapat 12 Bowls

Grapat 12 Bowls

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The 12 bowls painted with 12 different colours result in a harmonious colour scale, which brings balance and great sense of aesthetics to the children’s game and, consequently, a great sensitivity to beauty.

The bowls complement the heuristic game with actions such as filling up and emptying out, going through and loading, etc. A bowl can be used to cover another bowl and, in that way, its content can be hidden or made to disappear. This game brings both pleasure and distress: the disappearance, the lost and found of the self and of our own treasures.

Develops :
  • Logical-mathematical thinking
  • Fine motor skills 
  • Colour sorting
  • Concentration
Product details : 
  • 12 bowls in the colors of the rainbow
  • Hand-crafted in Spain
  • Wood from sustainable forests
  • Non-toxic water-based colour stain
Age recommendation : 10+ months

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