Nins in The Wood
Nins in The Wood
Nins in The Wood

Nins in The Wood

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The Nins in the Woods storytelling set offers hours of playing and storytelling fun. This set comes with 6 Nins peg people (3 in top hats and 3 with felt hats), 3 mushrooms, 3 felt sacks, 1 felt circle, 3 disks, 1 cone, 2 little and one large block, and one semisphere. What tales can you tell of these little people?

Grapat toys are designed to stir the imagination, to allow the child to be creative in her own way. There is no right way to play with the toys: just go where the fancy takes you!


Age: 12+ months.
Includes: 20 elements in natural wood treated with natural waxes.
It includes a textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric.
Dimension: 16.5 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm
Hand-crafted in Spain.
Wood from sustainable forests.
Non-toxic water-based colour stain.
No plastic packaging.

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