Krom POP - Dark Green
Krom POP - Dark Green
Krom POP - Dark Green
Krom POP - Dark Green
Krom POP - Dark Green

Krom POP - Dark Green

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The kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy. It consists of a handle, a pair of cups, and a ball that are all connected by a string. On one end of the ken is a cup, while the other end of ken is narrowed down, forming a spike that fits into the hole of the tama. 

Kendama is unique in its ability to improve your cognitive function and your hand-eye coordination while connecting people everywhere, even across language barriers, making us able to communicate all over the world. Kendama provides something real and tangible in a time where things are becoming more abstract than ever before. We love the toy that lets us step away from an increasingly digital world, allowing us to refresh and reconnect with the people around us..

Technical specs : 
  • Skinny spike and wide tama bevel 
  • KROM Scope line will keep your eyes fixed to the hole
  • Chip-resistant grade A beech wood
  • KROM Rubber paint - Perfectly sticky!
  • Wider cups for better balance and easier catches
  • Holographic stickers.... Because we can!
  • Off-center string hole (better for pull-up tricks)


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