Malicious - 20 tricks
Malicious - 20 tricks
Malicious - 20 tricks
Malicious - 20 tricks

Malicious - 20 tricks

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Budding magicians will have a blast mastering all 20 tricks in this marvellous magic compendium, including the classic mind-reading card trick, the illusion behind the box of disappearing things, transfiguration, and more! Specially designed in collaboration with professional magicians so you know you're learning straight from the real maestros of the trade!

Comes with a fully detailed set of instructions that reveal all the tricks behind the illusions and are easy to follow, helping your little ones gain the confidence they need to pull off a successful performance in front of crowds big or small.

• Critical thinking
• Communicative skills
• Social integration and collaborative play
• Creative expression
• Confidence and self-esteem
• Patience and self-discipline

Perfect for wizards and clairvoyants as young as six! Packaged in a sturdy and beautifully designed box that will organize and store all magic props away neatly when the magician takes his rest; and which allows the performance to begin as soon as the box is reopened. Get set for many hours of fun and entertainment through parties, dinners, gatherings, and even everyday play!

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