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Funny Paper Furniture - My Vendor Cart

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Funny Paper Furniture creates the most wonderful cardboard products. The first step is to assemble the chosen piece, the next is to paint them, and the result will be endless fun that fosters creative and imaginary play. 

Product details : 
  • Ideal pretend-selling toys for kids
  • Good quality surface for coloring
  • 100% Made of paper, 100% recyclable
  • Rotatable wheels
  • Retractable handles
  • Manageable storage
  • Display shelves
  • Easy-install A5 size menu
  • Solid structured, durable
  • Assembled Size : W46.8 x D61 x H125 cm
  • Shipping Size : W61.5 x D8.9 x H41.6 cm

Age recommendation : 3+ years

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