Mask Head Bedtime Pouch - Tiger

Mask Head Bedtime Pouch - Tiger

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A terrific tiger bedtime storage solution. Slot under your mattress for a handy place to keep all your favourite bedtime items; water bottle, books, toys and more. Matching wall head, mobile and bags available. (Contents are for illustrative purposes only, pouches will arrive empty.)

Is ethically handmade & crafted with felt and wool. Outer – 100% felted wool and off-white metal hook, inner – 100% polyfill fibre. 

Product details: 

Ethically handmade and crafted from organic wool
Outer - felt
Inner - 100% polyfil fibre
Dimensions: H 18cm W 20cm D 8cm (approx)
Dimensions of flap: L 22cm.
Weight limit: 1kg
As this item is handmade & unique it may vary slightly from the picture

Fiona Walker England is a beautifully designed collection of exceptional quality and values. The brand philosophy is to create uniquely hand crafted items using traditional methods and add those special finishing touches. Each item has its own individual charm and no two items are identical.

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