What are the benefits of a balance bike?

A balance bike is a bike without pedals. To move forward the child pushes off the ground with their feet. They usually start by walking while sitting on the saddle. Followed by running, then with their feet off the ground. Once they can cruise along with their feet up, they have learned to balance and are ready to begin pedalling. Invest in this wonderful Hornit AIRO balance bike. The bike is super lightweight and extremely well made. Watch your toddler grow more and more confident every ride as they discover the freedom on two wheels.

When we grew up we learned to ride a bike using stabilisers a.k.a training wheels. I got my first bike aged 5 but drove it only with stabilisers for a long time. I remember my parents running after me, trying to keep me safe, when they took off the stabilisers. It was a scary feeling riding without the support and my balancing and coordination skills were not developed enough and this, of course, resulted in several accidents before I eventually got there. Thankfully, we don’t have to run after our kids like mad people anymore. There is now a better way that allows kids to get started as young as 2 years old: balance bikes :-)

Sleek, matte, fun colours and made from an ultra-tough magnesium alloy frame, the AIRO weighs in at just 2.95kg, making it the hottest balance bike in town. The AIRO grip taped footrest are contoured into the frame making it easy to freewheel down anywhere! Which one is your favourite colour? Enjoy browsing!