About us

Our Journey / Our Story

kINDERSPIEL, is an online boutique that offers timeless, educational, expertly crafted and fun toys that help children to develop their personality through discovery and imaginative play. All toys are handpicked, mostly from Europe and of the highest quality to fulfil our vision: a curated offer of toys that can be handed down from generation to generation and that have as little environmental impact as possible. 

We are two German friends living in Hong Kong and we have both lived abroad for over 15 years including in Hamburg, London, Beijing and now Hong Kong. Between us we have 4 children and lots of godchildren, nieces and nephews. Over the past two years we started to create our own newborn baby gift hampers for our friends. These baskets were filled with the items we both found to be the most precious, useful and simply beautiful. All items included in our baskets were timeless, enduring and have brought us much joy. This experience and enthusiasm for the things we loved made us found kINDERSPIEL. All products went through our hands and were truly loved by our kids and our community. At kINDERSPIEL you will find toys and gifts that stand the test of time, that grow with your child and that will not end up being discarded after only playing with it for a few days! 

We truly hope that kINDERSPIEL will support children to not only grow in their ability to imagine and create, but also to stay in touch with nature (and away from screens), gaining a better understanding of the importance of living a greener lifestyle. 

kINDERSPIEL was born during the COVID-19 pandemic when we noticed that it was challenging to find meaningful gifts here in Hong Kong. Before this time we would buy all our children’s toys and gifts during our holidays in Europe. We found it was nearly impossible in Hong Kong to find beautiful gifts for children and babies which are also gift wrapped and that have a special personal touch. It could take a whole afternoon to find one child’s present and often you have to go to several stores to find a gift, nice wrapping paper and a festive and tasteful card.

kINDERSPIEL’s mission is to support parents, grandparents, godfathers, godmothers, uncles and aunts – the list is endless – to find the perfect gift for their little ones. kINDERSPIEL is also here to make the journey of purchasing as smooth and easy as possible. We offer fast delivery, beautiful stationery to go with your gift, a registry list option and wonderfully curated gift baskets (which can be made to order and curated). Our clients live busy lives, and we hope kINDERSPIEL makes such lives that tiny bit easier whilst spreading joy in the process!

At kINDERSPIEL we promote only brands and designers that tell a story and that are committed to making their products with respect towards people and the environment. All of the featured designers are extremely passionate about what they create; they often produce in small quantities and sometimes even by hand. Most of our brands come from Europe (mainly Germany), but we also found a small number of wonderful designers from Hong Kong, America and from Australia. We would love our community to interact with us by sharing their personal highlights and experiences. This way our portfolio of wonderful brands can naturally grow - always staying true to our standards and beliefs.