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    Hauptli Haus makes wonderful Eco Chic Sustainable Children's Fashion. These baby scarves, otherwise known as Nuscheli, not only keep your baby dry but they are safe and stylish. They are made of the softest, high-quality cotton, and are chemical free, protecting children's skin from allergens and irritants. They can be used as scarves, drool catchers, burp cloths, bibs, or for imaginary play by toddlers. All Nuscheli are made in Switzerland at a family-run mill.  

    Hauptli Haus products have been assessed and approved in five categories by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovations Institute: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy & carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness. They are also the first children's product to reach the gold level of certification through the Cradle to Cradle Innovations Institute. 

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    2 products

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