Kleen Kanteen


    A Kleen kanteen bottle is not just a bottle. These bottles are made to create solutions for social change. Kleen kanteen stands for designing great looking, durable, versatile, affordable products that last a lifetime thus replacing mountains of single-use waste. The brilliant chip-resistant, durable Klean Coat finish is designed with care to withstand and accompany your inspired life. The brand sets a new standard in durability and safety for the whole family and for our planet.  

    Their insulated products help you keep a variety of hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Kleen kanteen uses a special double-wall vacuum insulation and innovative cap design to achieve excellent thermal performance, all with environmentally friendly and responsible materials. In fact, the 64oz Insulated Classic keeps drinks hot for 30 hours and iced for 100 (that’s more than four days)! 

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    5 products

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