Mara Kraul laid the foundation for today's toy company as early as the 1920s. With artistic embroidery and knitting, which she made with the help of homeworkers, the basis of the company was created, which is still family-owned to this day.

    After the Second World War, her son Walter joined the company and developed his first ideas for designing toys: Inspired by a giant mobile by Alexander Calder that he had seen at the Venice Biennale, his mother now designed her own mobiles that were in handicraft tradition. At the same time Walter was working as a teacher at the Munich Rudolf Steiner School. Inspired by his work as a Waldorf teacher and numerous nature experiences with his children, cable cars and water wheels were created that - timeless as they are - are still an important part of Kraul’s product range today. Kraul’s products are perferct for any child and adult who enjoys stem driven science kits and building and creating!

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    1 product

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