Magblox ®Magnetic Building Tiles are designed to foster and encourage children's cognitive development, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills all while 'Learning through Play'! It is the perfect product to Increase your child's STEAM learning and activities through: building and construction skills Learning about symmetry and patterns, building and understanding 2D and 3D shapes and structures, shape recognition, mathematical and spatial relationships, persistence, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination abilities and of course endless creativity. The stunning colors of MAGBLOX ®, the translucency, and the magnets allow children to build and create in ways which standard building blocks does not allow. MAGBLOX ® magnets are thicker to allow a stronger connection and they are encapsulated in a re-enforced case secured with copper rivets using an ultrasonic welding technology to prevent loose magnets. The inset design with durable shiny surface finish reduces significantly scratched surfaces. MAGBLOX ® Magnetic tiles are the only magnetic tiles produced with both recycled and 55% ABS plastic, a food grade non-toxic material which is BPA and phthalate free. 

To reduce their carbon footprint, the tiles are recyclable which means that they are the only magnetic tile manufacturer that re-uses magnetic tiles to make more!  

12 products

12 products

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