Beach Bat Set  Trancoso - Wood / Grey
Beach Bat Set  Trancoso - Wood / Grey
Beach Bat Set  Trancoso - Wood / Grey

Beach Bat Set Trancoso - Wood / Grey

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Did you know that Frescobol originated in the 1940s on the sleek beaches of Copacabana, Brazil, inspired by beach-loving tennis players wanting to bring their game to the sand? If you love to spend active time during the holidays, or if you simply want to have fun with your family or friends on the beach these beach bats are one of the best ideas to pack into your beach bag! 

Created on the soft sand of Posto 5, frescobol is a game that truly captures the Carioca spirit, and why the beach bat is our heritage product. This Trancoso Beach Bat is expertly handcrafted by local artisans, known as the marceneiros, from five pieces of sustainably-sourced Brazilian wood offcuts and heat-stamped with our logo, before being coated with a natural waterproof and sand-resistant resin and finished with a neoprene grip. 

Product details :
  • Neoprene Grip
  • Heat Branded Logo
  • Resin Coating
  • Brazilian Wood Offcuts
  • Made in Brazil
  • Complimentary Carry Sack

Please Note: All bats are handmade by craftsmen in Brazil, this may mean slight variances in weight, composition and colour, only lending to their uniqueness.  

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