Hornit Blue Edition Set- Bike Horn & Light / Hammerhead Helmet (Size M)
Hornit Blue Edition Set- Bike Horn & Light / Hammerhead Helmet (Size M)
Hornit Blue Edition Set- Bike Horn & Light / Hammerhead Helmet (Size M)

Hornit Blue Edition Set- Bike Horn & Light / Hammerhead Helmet (Size M)

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Are you looking for a special Christmas gift? We have created this action set for little bicycle/ scooter enthusiasts. It consists of a Hornit helmet and a Hornit mini horn. Both items are not only safety relevant but also fun with adorable designs and sounds - laughter and joy are guaranteed!! 

Take off on your next ride with the fabulously fashionable Hammerhead Helmet

A helmet is only as good as its fit. Maximum protection demands a snug, well-aligned fit that is comfortable, yet secure. This is why Hornit helmets feature a fully adjustable ring adjuster - rotate right to tighten and left to loosen. Our three-way adjustable chin strap and the strong and secure buckle ensures the helmet always stays in place. Removable soft foam allows further flexibility for size and fit during growing years. Made from durable, weather-proof plastic, Hornit helmets protect your kids as they brave the rain, snow, and wind. Eleven air vents on each helmet ensure even air flow to keep them cool and comfortable. The rear safety light alerts distracted drivers or pedestrians to your child's presence. Combining style and safety, Hornit helmets come in a range of fun designs.

Specifications in brief :

  • M and S sizes fit all children 
  • Small : 48-53cm
  • Medium : 54-58cm
  • EN1078 and CPS tested
  • Head adjuster, 11 air vents

LED Light:

  • 3 modes : Slow flash, Fast flash and Constant flash
  • 1 X CR2032 cell battery 
  • 10 hours constant 
  • 20 hours flashing


If your child’s head measures 53.9cm we would strongly recommend you go for the S size. In our experience the S size will be a good fit. Don’t be tempted to buy a helmet that they will grow into as it won’t offer full protection. A 5 year old’s head typically grows ~ 0.5cm in circumference in a year.

The Hornit Mini really will make your child’s imagination run wild! From a classic bike bell to a roaring lion, the Mini will encourage their creativity and make their ride the best part of the day. Whether they’re racing through the plains of Africa or hanging out the back of a helicopter, the black Mini really makes your kid's ride unforgettable, and all before the ring of the school bell!


The Hornit Mini is the ultimate lights and sound effects accessory for children’s bikes and scooters. Loaded with 25 sounds and white and green lights, your child’s imagination will run wild!

  • Unit colour - Black
  • Wings clip on to fit all bikes and scooters
  • White safety lights (12 lumens)
  • Funky green lights (12 lumens)
  • 25 sound effects
  • Remote trigger (no need to take hands off handlebars)
  • IP33 (weather proof)



Bike Bell - Olé Trumpet - Racing Cars - Police Siren - Motorbike - Laser - Helicopter - Fire Engine - Fart - Magic Spell - Aeroplane - Hooter - Burp - Wolf - Rooster - Lion - Elephant - Horse - Hornet - Magic Carpet - Bomb Drop - Reversing Truck - Train - Klaxon - Zapper

  • HORN 98mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 36mm(h) 60g
  • TRIGGER 355mm(l) x 20mm(w) x 9mm(h) 10g
  • TYPE 2 x AAA batteries 24g
  • IP33 Protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter

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