Funny Paper Furniture - Cardboard Airplane

Funny Paper Furniture - Cardboard Airplane

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Funny Paper Furniture creates the most wonderful cardboard products. The first step is to assemble the chosen piece, the next is to paint them, and the result will be endless fun that fosters creative and imaginary play. 

The wings of this airplane can be folded up to reduce the storage width from 87cm to only 38cm. The rear flat design allows the aircraft to stand up and save space when placed at home.

Product details : 
  • Nose-to-tail : 83cm
  • Wing-to-Wing : 87cm 
  • Height 51cm
  • Opening for child :  30 x 36cm
  • Packaging Size : W47.5 x D6.2 x H36.5 cm

Age commendation : 3+ years


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