Djeco Little Balancing
Djeco Little Balancing

Djeco Little Balancing

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Game of balance to enhance fine motor skills and dexterity. Little frogs are playing on the waterlilies. Make sure they don't fall into the pond!

Object of the game:

The pond is placed in the middle of the table among all players. Each player adds an element on the pond, respecting the right order: stilt, then waterlily then stilt again and so on until there are no more stilts or waterlilies. All that remains is to place the frogs on top of the “pyramids” and if nothing falls, the players have won! If a player knocks the elements down, the game starts again.

Product details : 
  • Type of game: Game of balance. A game to enhance communication between little ones and the adults.
  • Age: From the age of 2 ½ to 5 years old.
  • Players: 2-4 players
  • Duration: 10 min

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