Magblox®  12 Cards Mandala Art
Magblox®  12 Cards Mandala Art
Magblox®  12 Cards Mandala Art

Magblox® 12 Cards Mandala Art

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What is a Mandala?

The Mandala word comes from Sanskrit and means “What holds together“. It is a circle that symbolizes the cosmo and the circle of life. It is formed by a center and drawings that flow into it. In the Orient, it is linked to the art of meditation, in fact, it is used to focus on the “center of life”.

Creating mandalas promotes well-being at all ages. For children is an activity that helps develop hand-eye coordination, trains the mind to recognize shapes, develops creativity, stimulates the sense of patience and attention, helps the development of intelligence and reasoning. The benefits of creating a mandala are many!

Product details :
  • 12 cards (24 Designs on a double-sided card)
  • 3 challenging levels ( Beginners - Intermediate - Advance)
  • Introduction Card 
IMPORTANT NOTE: These cards come in 3 different challenging levels, each level requires a certain number of shapes to complete the mandala. Keep in mind that for some of the intermediate and the advance level you will require either at least 3 sets of 101 Set /64 Set or a combination of both , however your child can modify the colors by using what is available at home.

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